Frequently Asked Questions

It takes a year to complete both the in-person and online classes

With dedication and commitment, the return on investment of enrolling in CRA is hundreds of thousands of dollars. Commercial roofing is the big game and with help from our coaches, each student will succeed.

The curriculum covers everything from sales and marketing to roof systems and building codes. It is meant to start at the very beginning to build a strong foundation and then build upon that until each student is an expert in the field of commercial roofing.

CRA is not a conference. It is an academy where the primary goal is hands-on learning from the experts who give direct, personal guidance on succeeding in the commercial industry. CRA is the only higher education for roofers who want to expand their business from residential to commercial.

Yes. The curriculum is designed to give each student an in-depth learning experience, and the coaches want students who are motivated and dedicated.

Most of our classes take place in Denver Colorado but we do offer private coaching at your office if you are unable to attend a class in Denver


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The Expertise You Need To Master Your Craft

Whether your goals are to improve cash flow, be better at customer retention, master your marketing or anything else that falls into the daily grind of owning and operating a commercial roofing company, we can get you there through our amazing courses and built in tools.​