To All the Commercial Roofing Academy Staff,

We just wanted to thank you for the amazing job that you did!

The entire experience was a first class. The information that was provided was invaluable, but the level of commitment to being of genuine service to everyone in attendance is what we found most impressive. The staff has continued to remain engaged and helpful to us, long after the class has let out. Paul has literally been a phone call away on the occasions when we have needed a little guidance or insight. The resources that were provided in the “vault” are presently being incorporated into our daily business practices.

We sincerely appreciate you all, and are more than satisfied with our decision to attend the Commercial Roofing Academy event. We would recommend it to any contractor who is serious about taking their business and their client’s seriously.

In short, we at Baker Commercial Roofing are RAVING FANS of the Commercial Roofing Academy!

Roger White
Operations Manager

I would highly recommend this class to every roofer considering or entering the commercial roofing vertical. You will learn proper and demonstrated effective operations, contracts, proposal submission, how to find and win RFPs. This class has taught my team "how to" soup to nuts. We have national and local partnerships the new commercial reps are winning. The support and expertise and offered by this team is 100% effective and works! They have checked in with me multiple times since to ensure we are succeeding and growing. They will not let you fail, we are now 75% commercial and 25% residential.
Kellin Morris
Vice President Sales Marketing
Capitol Insurance Restorations